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221 Commuter Tread pattern > FT18R Available in: 140/90-15 SPEED INDEX H Tread pattern > 126 Available in: 90/90-18 SPEED INDEX P Tread pattern > 188 Available in: 110/80H-17 100/80H-18 SPEED INDEX H Tread pattern > GPI1 Available in: 130/90H-16 110/90H-18 130/70H-17 120/90H-18 100/90H-18 SPEED INDEX H Tread pattern > 9107 Available in: 130/90H-17 SPEED INDEX H Tread pattern > GPI2 Available in: 90/90H-16 90/90H-19 90/90H-18 110/70H-17 100/90H-19 110/90H-16 SPEED INDEX H Order Code Size Tread Fitment Tread pattern > 805 Available in: 100/80-17 SPEED INDEX M-L A comprehensive range of H-rated tubeless tyres, available in the most popular sizes for road bikes. All tyres are fully E-mark compliant to ECE No.75, offering great grip and wear-rates. Tyres supplied are Cougar brand wherever possible, if Cougar is not available Bike It will send an alternative brand of equivalent specification. Tread pattern > 932 Available in: 350-8 Tubeless Road Tyres 15-19 15 TTL1514090 140/90H-15 FT18R R 16 TTL169090 90/90H-16 GPI2 F TTL1611090 110/90H-16 GPI2 F TTL1613090 130/90H-16 GPI1 R 17 TTL1711070 110/70H-17 GPI2 F TTL1713070 130/70H-17 GPI1 R TTL1710080 100/80-17 805 F/R TTL1711080 110/80H-17 188 F/R TTL1713090 130/90H-17 9107 F/R 18 TTL1810080 100/80H-18 188 F/R TTL189090 90/90-18 126 F/R TTL189090F 90/90H-18 GPI2 F TTL1810090 100/90H-18 GPI1 R TTL1811090 110/90H-18 GPI1 R TTL1812090 120/90H-18 GPI1 R 19 TTL199090 90/90H-19 GPI2 F TTL1910090 100/90H-19 GPI2 F Tread pattern > 911 Available in:
Tyres ATV
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TTQ145706EUTUBELESS ATV TYRE 145/70-6 F810 NON-E£22.58£20.32
TTQ1687FUTUBELESS ATV TYRE 16X8-7 F808 E-MARKED£34.93£31.44
TTQ2078DUTUBELESS ATV TYRE 20X7-8 F888 E-MARKED£42.00£37.80
TTQ21710GFTUBELESS ATV TYRE 21X7-10 F878B E-MARKED£53.22£47.90
TTQ251012ARTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X10-12 F920 E-MARKED£104.78£94.30
TTQ251012BRTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X10-12 F968 E-MARKED£69.01£62.11
TTQ251012CRTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X10-12 F978 E-MARKED£69.01£62.11
TTQ25812AFTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X8-12 F920 E-MARKED£97.31£87.58
TTQ25812BFTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X8-12 F968 E-MARKED£68.19£61.37
TTQ25812CFTUBELESS ATV TYRE 25X8-12 F978 E-MARKED£68.19£61.37
Online Store by QUADTECH
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